Craigavon Car Trails - How it was done.

September 12, 2013  •  1 Comment

craigavon car lightscraigavon car lights


I headed out in the car to get some nice car trail shots. I'm very happy with this one taken on the bottom deck of the Craigavon bridge. Heres how I got this shot.

1. Set the tripod carefully on a ledge looking on to the road. I composed the shot so that the pipes to the left were in sharp focus and all the lines of the structure of the bridge the railings and pipes were leading down the road.

2. I pretty much wanted most of the shot in focus with a bit of blur towords the end of the brigde so I used an aperture of f10. 

3. As this was a night shot I wanted it to remain sharp and in focus with as little noise as possible. ISO setting here was ISO 100. 

4. Now for the car light trails. Normally I would use a cable shutter release but I forgot to bring it this time so I set the timer on the camera to release after ten seconds. This allowed the camera to settle to avoid any shake. After 10 secs the shutter speed was 15secs. I timed it just enough for two cars to drive by getting those nice car light trails. 


So There you have it. Settings for this shot are 


Sony SLT - A77 using a 18mm-55mm kit lens - ISO 100, f10, 15sec exposure, incandescent white balance



Amazing pic
Thanks for the write up helped loads
Just started my photography course and your blog has been great to read.
In gonna try and recreate this pic soon

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