Dropped out of uni so I draw all the time

September 13, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I thought I would share with you some amazing drawings by 19 year old Eoghan Duffy from Derry. Eoghan formerly of St Columb's College has set up a Facebook page as an online gallery to show off his artwork. He calls it " Dropped out of uni so I draw all the time". I've even heard that Eoghan is going back to university to study. But its not art strangely enough its accountancy. If his accountancy skills are as good as his art then he should do well. He is even selling his drawings through the Facebook page.  Take a look at these fantastic drawings below. Head on over to Eoghan's Facebook page and like it to see new drawings in your timeline. 


Click link below to see all Eoghans artwork. 

Dropped out of Uni so I draw all the time, Eoghan Duffy Art

Hugh Laurie by Eoghan DuffyHugh LaurieHugh Laurie by Eoghan Duffy 1238213_622219794489815_1701310539_n1238213_622219794489815_1701310539_n 601383_622219634489831_247111458_n601383_622219634489831_247111458_n 1237552_622219574489837_522501980_n1237552_622219574489837_522501980_n 1234617_622219514489843_1697251502_n1234617_622219514489843_1697251502_n 1186066_622219427823185_93395796_n1186066_622219427823185_93395796_n 1233583_622219364489858_196943494_n1233583_622219364489858_196943494_n


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