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September 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

This is Belfast... Naw its not its Derry

On Sunday 8th September I stayed over in an East Belfast hotel and when I arrived to my room I picked up the book with the title "This is Belfast" to discover that the main photo on the front cover was a picture of Derry. I had a good laugh to myself and decided to take a picture and post it on twitter and Facebook. Within hours this had gone viral and everyone seemed to be sharing it. The next day the Derry Journal phoned me asking could they run a small article in the paper and for my opinion.  Some responses I've seen on this ranged from complete anger at Belfast's supposed outright theft of Derry's image and scenery and Belfast not having its own identity to arguments over investment In Northern Ireland. To be honest I found the whole thing hilarious. One ex colleague of mine from Belfast in fact posted on my Facebook page "Why dont you just go and Marry Derry". A good few days craic out of it anyway. 

If you would like to read the article check out the following link.

Book about Belfast using a photo of Derry on the front cover, 1267456_10153216552385344_1486685734_o


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