Glenveagh Nation Park

Glenveagh National Park

Its 27th April 2015 and as Im typing its snowing and its bitter cold outside. Only four days ago the weather couldn’t have been more different with blue skies and a lovely warm and peaceful day. 

I decided to take a drive to Glenveagh national park in Donegal and we could not have picked a better day to visit. The sun was splitting the sky and there was only a whisper of a breeze in the air. Tranquility at its best. 

Glenveagh is located in my favourite part of Ireland. I love the rugged landscape and hills. The untouched Donegal land with the towering hills makes for breathtaking views in any weather. Glenveagh castle has a unique history. You can read all about it here.

Have a look at the photos from my visit. I am sure you’ll agree a magical place. 

Glenveagh mountainsGlenveagh mountainsMountains along the valley at glenveagh national park

Glenveagh National ParkGlenveagh National ParkViews of the valley at Glenveagh National Park tranquil scene at Glenveagh national ParkSunbeams on Glenveaghtranquil scene at Glenveagh national Park Gardens at Glenveagh castleGlenveagh CastleGardens at Glenveagh castle Daffodils glenveaghDaffodils glenveaghGardens at Glenveagh Glenveagh Castle (1 of 1)Glenveagh Castle (1 of 1) view of the lake (1 of 1)view of the lake (1 of 1) Glenveagh castle (1 of 1)-3Glenveagh castle (1 of 1)-3

trees (1 of 1)trees (1 of 1) feet pano (1 of 1)feet pano (1 of 1) tuscan gardens (1 of 1)tuscan gardens (1 of 1)

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