My love and hate of Street Photography

My love and hate of Street Photography

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Street Photography…

This seems to the the “new thing” these days with photographers across the world. For me this new thing has already grown old and and is putting me off sharing my content especially on social media these days. This time 2 years ago I was part of numerous “Street Photography” groups and forums on the internet and actively contributing. I was in love with documentary reportage style photography since even before I picked up a camera. I have admired and taken great inspiration from famous photographers such as Vivian Maier , Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bruce Gilden, Helen Levitt and Garry Winogrand . I desperately wanted to shoot in the style of these photographers and I frantically searched google, bought books, read blogs on how they approach people, camera settings, editing style etc. I just loved it… 

However when I got involved in online forums and groups I got tired of numerous pictures of random people walking in the street, the backs of peoples heads, beggars on the street, street performers… and the list goes on. Although not necessarily producing the same pictures as I have mentioned I realised that as a photographer getting bored of seeing this content on the internet I felt that everyone else on social media would be extremely bored of this genre so I decided to stop sharing my photos.

Crossing the roadCrossing the roadA girl waiting to cross the road at Ferryquay street. Quite an interesting hair style.

My photography then changed direction slightly… I started getting more commissioned commercial photography work, getting hired for weddings, engagement photography and opened a studio. On top of that my Fiance had a little girl. Don’t get me wrong I love all types of photography and It helps put food on the table but I quickly realised I was not shooting for me anymore as I have been taking photos for other people for the past few years. 

Every few months or so I love to go back through my archives of photos and pick out some of my favourites. I decided to have a look through my old Street Photography collections and pick out a few from my hometown. As I scrolled through my pictures it brought back a that great feeling of taking pictures for the pure enjoyment of documenting real life. The joy of seeing something interesting and taking a picture.

Pro Choice Pro LifePro Choice Pro LifeEamon McCann promoting and selling his Socialist workers party promoting pro choice. you can also see a small innocent child to the bottom right of the image. quite a contrast

I often ask myself is social media ruining photography? It certainly is a massive platform for photography and now essential to my business however you can quickly become embroiled in a world of instant sharing. People often put their work out there as quickly as they can without even thinking about the message or story they are trying to tell with their picture. I have been guilty of this myself.  

My advice to anyone looking to become a photographer… Shoot everything that you find interesting, read books, blogs, watch YouTube tutorials and just enjoy it. Don’t get caught up in the trap of sharing everything you shoot instantly on social media and don’t pigeon hole yourself in any particular genre of photography.

I think its time I started taking pictures for myself again. I love documenting the streets with photography and still admire work from the great photographers across the world. I highly recommend checking out . A website dedicated to modern cutting edge street photography.

Have a nosey here at some my own personal favourites from the streets of Derry. 

You check out more of my images here.

Monico JumpMonico JumpA Skateboarder jumps over the sign for the Monico Bar in Guildhall Square Derry Set down onlySet down onlytourists get off the bus and proceed to the town centre. Fountain WomenFountain Womentwo elderly Ladies chatting at the corner of the Derry walls in the fountain estate The fountainThe fountainYoungsters messing about on a Saturday afternoon in the Fountain estate DSC03088DSC03088Collection of images from the streets of Derry – 2013. these include Music and the sandwich co. on the Diamond, The Battle of the Atlantic commemoration, Far and wild walls cycle, and general street shots DSC01025DSC01025Miserable Day in Derry – Street Photography – Thursday 1st Auguts 2013 DSC00938DSC00938Miserable Day in Derry – Street Photography – Thursday 1st Auguts 2013 Window ShoppingWindow Shopping Ken FitzpatrickKen Fitzpatrick clipper festclipper fest foyle street stepsfoyle street steps foyle street_foyle street_ pnch the waterpnch the water lads at millenium forumlads at millenium forum JimmyJimmy hiding at ebringtonhiding at ebrington tall hormstall horms GutsyGutsy

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